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New Application Form forthcoming.

We have one of each Smallbore Metallic Silhouette targets hanging at each station. THESE ARE ONLY TO BE SHOT WITH STANDARD VELOCITY 22 LONG RIFLE AMMUNITION. HIGH VELOCITY AMMUNITION WILL DESTROY THEM.



No Shooting at any Target laying on the ground. Elevate the target so the bullet will strike to 100 yard berm, not plow ruts like this.

 All Rimfire pistol competitors will have the option of starting from the low ready position or the holstered position with their hands raised, on future Steel Matches. You will not be permitted to change between them during a match.


Due to safety concerns, MDRC has established a policy that APPENDIX CARRY AND PISTOL CALIBER CARBINES are prohibited at MDRC IDPA Matches. 

APPENDIX CARRY is also prohibited at MDRC Steel Challenge Matches.

In addition to the gate, your card also gives you access to the Bench House and the Restroom.

Smallbore Metallic Silhouette matches have started and will continue on the third Sunday of each month. Setup will start at noon and Registration at 12:30pm. Shooting to commence at 1:00pm.

Range is closed 2 hours prior to all scheduled Matches. This is for the matches scheduled the first and third weekend of each month (IDPA, Sporting Clays, Steel and Small-Bore Metallic Silhouette) .

Only pistols  and Pistol Caliber Carbines are to be used on any of the range owned steel in the Action Bays.

Club member MUST be present with any family member using the range.