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Quite an interesting day. I was sick as a dog, nearly cancelled the match last night, but decided to tough it out. Great crew setting up and tearing down. Sorry a couple shooters didn’t compete, but all worked out.

May Steel Match Scores are posted.

Blocks have been completed on the Trap House. Now on to the roof,  front door and pad for the thrower.

May Calendar:

Sunday, May 19th Smallbore Metallic Silhouette Match

Saturday, May 25th Work Detail

June Calendar:

Saturday, June 1st IDPA

Sunday, June 2nd Sporting Clays

Saturday, June 15th Steel Challenge Match

Sunday, June 16th Smallbore Metallic

Saturday, June 29th Work Detail


Attention all: Lately I have been seeing paper and cardboard targets left hanging on the range frames. This morning, Monday, Nov 20th there were targets left on the 50, 100 and 200 yard Hi-Power frames. If you don’t take them down Mother Nature will,  sending them onto the adjacent property, making us a bad neighbor. When you finish shooting, REMOVE YOUR TARGETS and properly dispose of them. If it continues I may need to start reviewing videos, then addressing this with those individuals. Leave the range in better condition than when you arrived. REMOVE YOUR TARGETS AND TRASH.

The Bench House card reader continues to act up, we are still working to resolve the problem with the Bench House reader. We are having trouble receiving the replacement parts, supplier has them back ordered; hopefully we can have it back in operation soon.   Bob

Since all of you have been doing such a great job helping to setup the props for the IDPA Matches, I am changing the start time for setup for IDPA Matches from 7:00am to 7:30am.  Tom

Note to All:

View the complete schedule for each venue under the appropriate Match Tab.

As always on match days the range is closed to all shooting activities for at least 2 hours prior to the start of the match, the exception is IDPA, which is 3 hours. The range is closed to all other activities until that Match Director gives the “All Clear”.