2024 New Membership Application Information

2024 Membership Application Form

MDRC Background Check Disclosure Form

2024 MDRC General Information for New and Current Members


The 2023 and older Application forms will not be accepted.  There has been changes to the new application form.

New Application Form has been posted. The Background Waiver form also posted. Both must be completed and returned with a check for the Background Check fee.


GENERAL: The rules and Regulations given herein are to be considered as part and parcel to the foregoing Bylaws and the application of specifics to the operation of the ranges.  They may be amended, added to, or deleted at any time consistent with safety.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Rules and Regulations, pertaining to the Club range property of M.D.R.C, Inc. is set forth, in writing, in a clear and concise form, and accepted regulatory guide and a restrictive measure for the safe and controlled operation of the Club range and its facilities.  These regulations are generally intended for the protection of property, safety of humans, protection of fish and wildlife, control of activities, trespass, and in particular the operation and maintenance of a Private, Membership Only, Outdoor Sportsman’s Range in accordance with a Sportsman’s Ideal and Creed.

ADMINISTRATION: The distribution of these Rules and Regulations shall be included with the membership card, together with other papers, delivered to all new members.  It shall be the duty of all members to familiarize themselves with the Regulations, to follow them, and to encourage strict compliance by others.  Copies of the Regulations shall be posted at several strategic points on the Club range property.


  1. Each member shall have the right to enforce the Regulations on any other member, group of members, visitors, and non-members while on the Club range property.
  2. Each person shall have the right to reprimand, point out, and discuss the Regulations with any person who, according to his own interpretation, is an alleged violator of the rules and Regulations while on Club range property.
  3. Each member shall have the right to cite any violation of Regulations by any person on Club range property.
  4. After citing of violations and the refusal to comply with the regulations by an alleged violator. A member shall have the right to report the member or persons either orally or written to the officers or to the Board of Directors of the Club.


  1. In the case of a reported violation involving members, the Board of Directors, after an equitable hearing, act in accordance with the Bylaws, Article No. 2, Section 9, which deals with the suspension of members.
  2. In the case of violation by nonmembers, the Board of Directors may proceed by Civil Action according to law.
  3. In the case of willful destruction or damage of material, equipment or property, the Board of Directors may take such action as is necessary, either by demand or civil suit, to recover losses sustained.
  4. The names of violators and the nature of the violation shall be read and made known to all Club members at any General Assembly of the Club.


  1. Sunday, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., except for certain schedules of events restricting use of ranges, and with outdoor ranges being restricted to use during daylight only, using Artificial light only when provided by the Club. RANGE WILL BE CLOSED FOR USE TWO HOURS PRIOR TO ANY SCHEDULED MATCH.    
  2. The drinking of intoxicants or use of any consciousness altering drugs on the range is PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES.
  3. Members must have and display on their person the current year’s membership card when on Club property.
  4.   Boisterous and overt acts are prohibited at all times.
  5. Members are permitted to bring a guest, but nonmember guest must, at all times, be accompanied by a Club member who shall be responsible for their guest’s conduct.
  6. You may bring members of your immediate family; spouse and children living at home with you at any time. This also includes grandchildren when visiting. You may not give the Range Card to anyone, family or friend, for their use without you being present.
  7. No member has the right to give to nonmembers the permission to visit or use range facilities without accompanying the nonmembers or persons.
  8. The training of dogs on the Club range in legal training season is permitted, but dogs must be under the supervision of the owner at all times.
  9. The buildings and equipment on Club range property are to be kept under lock and key when not in use.
  10. It shall be the duty of any Club member using the facilities to return the equipment to the storage place and to restore the building to a locked position.
  11. It is the duty of any Club member, who is the last to leave Club range property, to inspect and ensure that all equipment is placed in storage and all buildings are locked. And assure the gate has closed as you leave.
  12. The setting of fires, burning of rubbish, etc. is prohibited.
  13. The starting of brush and field fires is prohibited.


  1. No firearm of any description may be carried, left standing, or left unattended, which is loaded or has the action in a CLOSED position. No firearm shall be loaded except at the firing point. The only exception to this is in the Action Bays where IDPA or Steel practices can be held.
  2. Firearms or arrows must be discharged on the designated ranges only.
  3. Firearms or arrows must be discharged in the designated direction of fire only, pernicious or careless shooting or plinking in any other directions absolutely prohibited.
  4. Firearms in unsafe or poor condition not permitted on Club range property.
  5. Shooters must notify all other shooters by audible signal prior to moving downrange to change or examine targets.
  6. Shooting at non-permitted objects anywhere is absolutely prohibited. Non-permitted objects include: cans, bottles, glass objects, wood, appliances, etc. suspended from trees, target racks, or other fixed range structures are not permitted on any ranges. Any target immediately on the ground, not utilizing the berm for the backstop is not permitted.
  7. High power rifles are prohibited for use on steel targets on the pistol ranges.
  8.   Incendiary military ammunition absolutely prohibited.
  9. Any member attending the range and having the accompaniment of minors or persons under the age of 18, must remain with the children, minors or persons under the age of 18 at all times and be directly responsible and supervise all their actions and activities if such minors have in their possession any firearms or bows and arrows.
  10.   Shooting at buildings, equipment is absolutely prohibited.
  11. Shooting into water is prohibited. (See restrictions below)
  12. Firearms must be left in place, properly made safe, at the point of firing at targets. The carrying of firearms to and from targets is prohibited except during IDPA practices or matches and only under the guideline provided by the national IDPA organization and the general rules of the club for practices and matches. 
  13. Range officer has control of the range at all times and instructions from the range officer must be obeyed. All Board of Directors are to be considered range officers and may act in that capacity when on Club range grounds.



  1.           Shooting into water. 
  2.           Throwing objects, rubbish, or foreign matter into water. 
  3.            Removal of plant life from water. 
  4.            Shooting and destruction of frogs.
  5.            The blocking or damming up of waterways.

RIFLE RANGE Hi-Power: To the right of the Bench House: Rifles include center-fire, rim-fire and muzzle loader. Only scoped pistols and shotguns firing single projectile slug ammunition are permitted.   Paper targets only.  No glass, tin cans, or clay birds.  The 50 yard target frame is only to be used from the bench house.  Do not carry rifles to and from targets.  Bolts open and open bolt indicators shall be utilized when not shooting. POLICE THE RANGE WHEN FINISHED SHOOTING. PICK UP ALL OF YOUR EMPTY BRASS, BOXES, TARGETS etc. AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU.

RIFLE RANGE Rimfire: To the left of the Bench House. All rimfire pistol or rifle, pistol caliber carbine, slow fire. During the summer months we may have Small Bore Rimfire Metallic Silhouettes hanging a the appropriate distances. They are only to be engaged with STANDARD VELOCITY 22 LONG RIFLE RIMFIRE AMMUNITION. POLICE THE RANGE WHEN FINISHED SHOOTING. PICK UP ALL OF YOUR EMPTY BRASS, BOXES, TARGETS etc. AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU.

ACTION PISTOL ACTION BAYS: Pistols include revolvers, rim-fire, center-fire or muzzle loading. rifle or shotgun permitted using paper/cardboard targets only. All shooting shall be completely within the confines of the block walls. THE USE OF CENTERFIRE RIFLE AMMUNITION IS PROHIBITED ON ALL STEEL used in the action pistol bays. Pistol Caliber Carbines are permitted. Return target frames to the Bench House when finished shooting or, if you are using your own frames, take them with you. Actions open when not shooting for all unholstered firearms. No fast draw or holster play unless you are a certified IDPA member practicing under the rules of the national organization, practicing for Steel Challenge or law enforcement officer and while doing so, you shall follow the guidelines set forth by MDRC for proper range conduct which will be strictly adhered to at all times. Engaging steel targets inside 10 yards is forbidden.  Targets shall be placed in a manner to prevent bullets striking the ground or the block walls. POLICE THE RANGE WHEN FINISHED SHOOTING. PICK UP ALL OF YOUR EMPTY BRASS, BOXES, TARGETS, etc. AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU.

IDPA RANGE (Bays Downrange): To be used only for IDPA matches scheduled by MDRC.

CLAYS & SHOTGUN RANGE:  Located to the right of clubhouse, restricted to clay birds. Muzzle-loaders will also use this range for scheduled matches. No rifles or pistols are to be discharged in this area. POLICE THE RANGE WHEN FINISHED SHOOTING. PICK UP ALL OF YOUR EMPTY HULLS, BOXES, TARGETS etc.  AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU.

BENCH HOUSE: Can be used for all firearms; rifle (center-fire, rim-fire, or muzzle loading), pistol or revolver (center-fire, rimfire or muzzle-loading), shotgun with slugged barrels or slug rounds. The Bench House is to be used for sighting in your firearm or for load development and group sizing only. You must pick up all your brass, all your targets and all paper. Every member using the bench house should also sweep up for the next member. POLICE THE BENCH HOUSE AND RANGE WHEN FINISHED SHOOTING. PICK UP ALL OF YOUR EMPTY BRASS/HULLS, BOXES, TARGETS etc. AND TAKE THEM WITH YOU