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Action Pistol Bays:  No shooting at targets laying on the ground. All steel is only to be shot with pistols or pistol caliber carbines. Use of shotgun or high-power rifles in any of these bays must be on paper targets. There are 3 brackets on the backside of the railroad ties for firring strip uprights. Two of the bays have falling plate racks. We have two other bays that we keep 5 steel hanging plates; 8”,10” and/or 12”. Any of the bays may be used for paper targets. The 180-degree rule applies in all of these bays.

50 yard Bullseye: A 50 yard reduced silhouette is set up on the lane immediately to the right of the Action Bays. This area is also for 22 Rimfire, centerfire pistols and pistol caliber carbines.

100 & 200 yard Ranges with Covered Areas: The 100 yard range to the left of the downrange road is also for 22 Rimfire, pistol or rifle; and long range pistol. The covered canopy has benches for your use. The downrange berm is to be the backstop for all targets. Make sure the bullet path beyond you target is into the berm. Targets are not to be placed immediately on the ground.

The 100 and 200 yard high-power range is to the right of the downrange road. The covered canopy has shooting benches. This bay is for high-power rifles, not pistols or shotguns. There is steel hanging at both distances. DO NOT SHOOT AT RODS OR CHAINS HANGING THE STEEL PLATES. If zeroing a rifle, make sure the target is high enough that the bullet path beyond the target is into the 100-yard berm, not the ground. Posts at both 100 and 200 yard line are not to be used to post targets. Use the uprights mounted between the posts to post your targets. THE 50-YARD TARGET FRAME IS NOT TO BE USED FROM THE OUTSIDE BENCHES.

Bench House: The Card Reader mounted to the right of the door unlocks the Bench House. The Bench House has two firing stations to be used for sighting in or group developing. The 50-yard target frame is only to be used from inside the bench house. The shooting area had both a heater and AC for you comfort.

Main Building: Currently used for storage and as a meeting room.

Covered Area for Muzzle-Loaders & Sporting Clays: To the right of the main building is the Muzzle-Loader, Shotgun Area. There is a steel patterning board set up for showing the grouping of our shot. NO PISTOL, RIFLE or SLUG at this target. There is a Clay thrower available for your use inside the restroom, except during the time the restroom is closed for the winter months.

Restroom: Facilities are open for use from mid-march through late November

Down Range IDPA Bunkers: These bays are only to be used during matches. Practice for IDPA can be set up in the Action Bays.

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