Upcoming Events

                              2024 Tentative Work Detail dates

No shooting is permitted during Work Details.  This schedule may change so check back during the week proceeding each Work Detail.

              Saturday, March 30, 2024                  Completed

              Saturday, April 27, 2024                     10:00 am

              Saturday, May 25, 2024                      10:00 am

              Saturday, June 29, 2024                     10:00 am

              Saturday. July 27, 2024                      10:00 am

              Saturday, August 31, 2024                10:00 am  

              Saturday, September 28, 2024         10:00 am

              Saturday, October 26, 2024              10:00 am

String trimming is always needed, 2 trimmers are available. The Stihl is two cycle requiring mixed fuel. The Troy is 4 cycle requiring Non Ethanol. Both are stored at the range. Replacement string also available.

Cleaning of Club Room, Bench House and Restroom. Cleaning supplies are kept at the range.

Special Dates may be announced for projects as they come up.