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We experienced a unique problem with the gate. Monday evening as one of the members left the range the gate failed to close. Apparently the windy conditions caused the gate to trip one of the sensors, locking it open. I am asking that as you leave the range, pause long enough to see the gate close. If it fails to close, swipe your card on the ENTRY reader. Call and let me know about the failure. We do not want the sensitivity set too high.

Although the calendar still shows our match schedule, ALL MATCHES ARE STILL CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

The range is still open to members. Use caution and remember the 6 foot rule when around others. Have a safe visit to the range.

All of the Club’s matches; Sporting Clays, IDPA, IDPA Organizational Meeting, Steel and Smallbore Silhouette are cancelled until further notice. The health risks because of Covid-19 have also led us to cancel the meeting of new applicants until the crisis is over. Stay safe everyone.

Current members please send checks for dues and work waiver fees to the club Treasurer, Richard Kerr, as soon as possible.  Late fees will be waived until the end of March.   Cash payments are discouraged, but can be made by arrangement with the Treasurer.  Dinner payments will be refunded.

 Special note about all matches:

   IDPA Match Registration 9:00 – 9:45 am, match starts at 10:00 am
   Sporting Clays Match Registration 12:30 – 1:00 pm, match starts at 1:00 pm
   Steel Match Registration 8:30 – 9:15 am, match starts at 9:30 am
   Smallbore Silhouette Registration 12:30 – 1:15 pm, match starts at 1:30 pm

Remember:  Range is closed 2 hours prior to all scheduled Matches. This is for the matches scheduled the first and third weekend of each month (IDPA, Sporting Clays and Steel) .

 Special Notice:  Pistol Caliber Carbines will no longer be supported at the MDRC IDPA Matches.  You are welcome to use your Pistol Caliber Carbine at the Steel Challenge Matches at MDRC held on the third Saturday of each month, April through October.

Only pistols  and Pistol Caliber Carbines are to be used on any of the steel in the Action Bays.

Club member MUST be present with any family member using the range.

Upcoming Events