Gate is ready to be activated

Gate usage:

September 23 to 28, you can meet an official at the range to pick up your gate card and receive instructions on it use.

There is no charge for initial swipe card.

Report lost/stolen card lost card immediately, there will be a $25 replacement fee.

As you enter a photo is taken of person swiping card.

Letting others use your card without your being present is not permitted – penalty (1st warning then 2nd loss of membership).

Guests (entrance and exit) procedure. Follow through immediately behind club member or if arriving later the club member will need to walk to the gate then swipe their card.

Membership renewal, all cards are programmed to deactivate on March 31 of the following membership year; unless your membership and Work Waiver fee (if applicable) are paid before March 15th of the succeeding year. A late fee of $25 is then accessed

You will still receive a photo I.D. For the new year. WEAR IT WHILE ON RANGE. You will be asked by a Board Member to see it.

We would appreciate the return of the gate control card if you are dropping club membership.


September 2018 Steel Scores Posted

September 2018 IDPA Match Results are posted.  

Special Notice:  Pistol Caliber Carbines will no longer be supported at the MDRC IDPA Matches.  You are welcome to use your Pistol Caliber Carbine at the Steel Challenge Matches at MDRC held on the third Saturday of each month, April through October.

Muzzleloader matches are cancelled for the remainder of 2018.

Application form has been taken down for this year,

Only pistols  and Pistol Caliber Carbines are to be used on the plate rack.

Club members MUST be present with any family member using the range.

Remember:  Range is closed 2 hours prior to all scheduled Matches. This is for the matches scheduled the first and third weekend of each month (IDPA, Sporting Clays, Steel and Muzzleloader).