Upcoming Events

 Steel scores have been posted.

Work will soon begin on the electric gate system. There may be some delays entering and leaving as the system is being installed in the roadway. Will try to keep you posted here.

Application form has been taken down for this year,

Please don’t shoot the plates on the plate rack with anything except .22 rimfire and standard pistol cartridges from Pistol Caliber Carbines. We don’t need any holes in the new plates.

Club members MUST be present with any family member using the range.

The new pistol bays are all open for use. There is still some work to finish Bay 5, but they are all usable. The berm in Bay 5 needs to be filled in/extended over to the block wall to give protection to shooters approaching the 200 yard target frames.

Remember:  Range is closed 2 hours prior to all scheduled Matches. This is for the matches scheduled the first and third weekend of each month (IDPA, Sporting Clays, Steel and Muzzleloader).



Upcoming Events