October 2019 Smallbore Metallic Silhouette Match

Remember your .22 Standard Velocity ammo,rifle, eye and ear protection.  I will have some Standard Velocity ammo available for purchase at the range if you don’t have any. As always eye and ear protection are mandatory.  Spectators are welcome as well as visitors.  Everyone will be required to sign a waiver for 2019 if you haven’t already done so at one of the other 2019 matches.
Any members wanting to work hours to avoid the work waiver fee should be at the club by 11:30 AM for setup and can assist with the conduct of the match.  Anyone else wanting to help is also welcome.
I will be at the range this Friday evening, 5/17/2019, so you can zero your rifle at 40 meters. You can also determine your settings for the other animals. The Chicken is at 40 meters / 44 yards, the Pig is at 60 meters / 66 yards, the Turkey is at 77 meters / 84 yards, and the Ram is at 100 yards. If you’re using a Target Scope and have it zeroed to 40 meters, then the normal settings are 2 for Pigs, 4 for Turkeys, and 7 for Rams. You load 5 rounds in your magazine for each bank of 5 animals. You can use 2 magazines or reload the one you have. You may also use a tubular magazine.
James Ansell

Smallbore Silhouette Matches will be held on the third Saturday of each month immediately after the Steel Match.