As usual, the May match is the Classifier Match.  For the pistols, we will be set up for the Standard Classifier course, not the new 5X5 Classifier.  Since IDPA has now included Pistol Caliber Carbine Rifles (PCC) as a new division, we will accommodate a classifier for the PCC.  To accomplish this, we will set the classifiers up in the action bays (area to the left separated with concrete walls as you come into the range).  Since we will be using the 50 yard range to the right of the first wall, there will be no parking allowed downrange of the canopy area.  All parking will be behind the canopy areas.

If you will be shooting the PCC Classifier, all rifles shall be cased at all times until called to the line and instructed to “Load and Make Ready”.  When you are finished with a stage, wait at your last position, your rifle case will be brought to you, and you can case your rifle and the range cleared.

Running 7 stages in each match is a challenge.  To be able to continue providing this many stages, we need help to do it.  We need more Safety Officers.  We cannot do this without your help.  If you are interested in becoming a Safety Officer, please email me expressing your interest.  With a sufficient number of interested persons we will setup a Certified Safety Officer class this spring.

Thank you,

Tom Hlavsa

MDRC IDPA Match Director